NMS Integration

We have integrated the CME.NET application with NMS Laboratories to replace manual entry of toxicology results within the CME application. Results are automatically populated into each field by case and it automatically links the toxicology results in PDF format to that case. It also creates an entry in the concerned Doctor???s Daily Log for immediate acknowledgment. Please see below for further description.


  • Eliminates manual entry of toxicology results.
  • Automatically links the toxicology results in PDF format to each case.
  • Creates an entry in the appropriate Doctor???s Daily Log.

How it works:

Client sends their toxicology samples to NMS along with the NMS submission form. The submission form is linked to the case in CME in PDF format.

When toxicology is completed, NMS sends the toxicology results in HL7 format through a secured VPN connection, which will be processed by CME???s Windows service. The service runs 24/7 listening for any new incoming messages from NMS.

NMS will identify the decedent with the CCOCME case number only as the name of the decedent could change. If it does exist in the CME database, extract the positive results and update the CME toxicology screen.

If the case does not exist in the database, the message will be ignored. CCOCME needs to be notified when a case doesn???t exist for toxicology results upload so that CCOCME and NMS can correct the issue as no toxicology submission is sent without a case number.

Business process is that if there is a problem with the message upload, Clark County will telephone NMS client services to resolve case number conflict.

CME will notify the case-assigned medical examiner on the case that the results are ready to review. The case-assigned medical examiner reviews the results and the linked PDF reports. Negative results will not be included in most cases. There are instances where an NMS toxicologist feels a negative result is important to the case, and forces the result onto the NMS report. Forced negative results will be included.

???On average, it takes approximately 15 hours a week of the forensic assistant staff to manually enter all tox reports into CME (depends on the typing and 10-key ability of the employee).?? Then it takes about 3 hours a week for the forensic assistant to download all of pdf tox reports from the NMS website and manually link them into each case.??

The new NMS-CME integration will totally eliminate the staffs’ manual process.???

??John Fudenberg, Assistant Coroner
Clark County Office of the Coroner/Medical Examiner
Las Vegas, Nevada



  • Microsoft???s .NET frame work 3.0

About NMS Labs:

For more than 40 years, NMS Labs has been setting the standard for excellence in clinical toxicology and forensic testing???responding to the needs of healthcare providers, medical researchers, coroners, and the criminal justice system with state-of-the-art tests that other labs don???t or can???t provide. A national reference laboratory, NMS Labs is unsurpassed in its scope of tests, accuracy of results, client service, scientific expertise, and innovation. For more information please visit www.nmslabs.com.

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