CME Hosted

CME Hosted is the name of our subscriber based product that is offered as a per user license model. CME Hosted provides you with a robust Commercial Off-the Shelf Solution (COTS). The development of our CME Hosted product encompasses 25 years of case management expertise. We have incorporated all the best components of our CME solution into a standardized platform that can be delivered for a fraction of the cost of a solution that requires configuration. This means CME Hosted reduces the capital expenditures associated with hardware, implementation and validation of a traditional Coroner or Medical Examiner case management system. This solution is ideally suited for agencies that require an automated data management solution that eliminates manual and inefficient processes but with limited funds and IT support.

CME Hosted is a plug & play turnkey solution offered at a fixed fee per user. IT personnel and software costs are controlled, giving small to medium-sized agencies all the benefits of a fully installed case management system with none of the hassles of installation, extended time frames, excessive reliance on IT personnel or capital expenditures.

CME Hosted is managed through a top-tier hosting provider, relieving your managers and IT staff of system maintenance and configuration. An annual or monthly subscription fee covers hardware, licenses, support, data backup and maintenance.

Since CME Hosted is accessed via the internet, there is no extended deployment or installation time. Once the initial installation is complete all future upgrades are applied automatically.

CME Hosted delivers all the benefits of a fully installed enterprise-level solution without the time or cost involved in owning the process.

For more information, please download our data sheet on CME Hosted.

VertiQ Product Overview

  • CME - Fully Intranet and Internet enabled Case Management Software for Coroners and Medical Examiners
  • CME Hosted - Hosted Case Management Software
  • Forensic Laboratories - Flexible and instantly adaptable Laboratory Information Management System