About VertiQ

For over 25 years, VertiQ has been the leading provider of software and services for Coroners and Medical Examiners, (CME). CME, the core product name, provides Medical Examiners and Coroners with case management, death investigation workflow, task management, digital imaging, chain-of-custody through bar-coding, multiple death investigation, statistics and report development.

Over the past several years we have augmented our product offerings to include LIMS products for Human Forensic Laboratories. With all products combined we boast more clientele than any other vendor in this industry, comprising nearly 50 agencies at county,??state and provincial levels throughout many major markets across the USA and Canada. Because of the flexibility and scalability of the software these agencies range anywhere from 3 concurrent users to 350 concurrent users.

VertiQ has dedicated personnel with specific domain expertise who through long term interactive relationships with clients cultivate an ever growing suite of product enhancements. Committing to an ongoing process of improvement in a partnership with a selected team of experts is much more satisfying for both us and our customers. Our experience with our customers has shown us that applying technology to the field of Medical Examiners, Coroners and Laboratories is not a one-time event. For optimum results, it necessitates an ongoing relationship that leverages collaborative efforts that is often best implemented in phases. This may very well be THE single most critical criteria in selecting a vendor!

As of 2014??VertiQ??happily announced it’s offical launch of??the long awaited CME-Hosted – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which included & supports the use of mobile devices.??CME-Hosted was??designed??with??smaller agencies with fewer users in mind,??in addition to other??agencies who??suffer with??low??or very??constricted budgets.

For additional information please contact us at: sales@vertiq.com


VertiQ Product Overview

  • CME - Fully Intranet and Internet enabled Case Management Software for Coroners and Medical Examiners
  • CME Hosted - Hosted Case Management Software
  • Forensic Laboratories - Flexible and instantly adaptable Laboratory Information Management System